Creative ecosystem fostering individual genius, a non-reproducible asset, by Michel Saloff-Coste

Innovation Ecosystem is a non-reproducible asset. You will find frugal ecosystems in South America, and vivid innovation in Austria, each has developed a singularity linked to its cultural ground, explains Michel Saloff

Innovation Labs: rapid innovation (3/4)

4 types of innovation labs: following description of 1) Disruptive Labs, we cover here 2) Rapid Innovation Labs; next post will move to the 3) Open Innovation Labs, and 4) Innovation Culture and Intrapreneurship Labs.

Intrapreneurship on the rise

What’s going on with intrapreneurship? Initiatives seem to multiply in France. We analyse a few causes, go through signs of movement like Les Hacktivateurs recent association, and show how Orange open innovation actions complements internal innovation. Finally, we demonstrate how the 4 principles supporting Rapid Innovation are a great framework to sustain intrapreneurship.