Innovation after crisis: is your innovation organization resilient?

Innovation is about creating the future you wish to see. The future will probably not be limited to getting back to normal after crisis. Some activities may be de-prioritized, and innovation endeavor put on hold: previous directions will be questioned.


Building tomorrow’s world starts today! Innovation can be leveraged for inventing post-crisis future for your company: accordingly, you need to check if your innovation organization is adapted to the next environment. It might be time to take a step back from ongoing crisis operations, and examine where your innovation organization stands:

  • What are the next goals assigned to innovation?
    • Spotting the flaws revealed by the crisis (supply chain…), figuring out solutions and inventing new ways of doing things (what can be fully digital in your activity?);
    • Seizing opportunities to cater usages and work organization, deriving from homeworking installed during the crisis?
    • Sorting out what needs to be accelerated from what needs to be reduced?
    • Adapting your startups scouting to face the disruption threats coming out of the crisis?
  • How is your innovation organization currently impacted by crisis – Budget reduction? Immediate support expected to handle the situation, and speed crisis exit? -, and how long will it be part of your mission? Have you identified best practices, and opportunities to streamline business rebound?
  • How can you cement the resilience of your innovation organization?

Timing is key in innovation, and to be ready requires preparation. To help you, we suggest a self assessment of your innovation organization trough an online questionnaire.

From purpose to ideation, incubation process, team coaching, transformation of idea and concept into business, and landing scenarios, this short assessment lets you know how your organization for innovation fares across 10 key areas, and prepare it to embrace after-crisis stage.

Whether you are leading open innovation, internal innovation, participative innovation and intrapreneurship, digital factory or disruptive labs, you will learn from this tool which works like an innovation calculator: designed with Outgrow, then tested, and improved with the kind expertise of Valérie Floridia, seasoned Innovation Director, it’s actually quite fun to run it!

To start, click here. (

Your Results

In complement to your result, we share with you tailored resources, and benchmarks from multiple companies extracted from and linked within the questionnaire, as well as pieces of advice from the book The Intrapreneurs’ Factory.


Should you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me at


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