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Corporate ‘Scaling-Up’: Joining the Peer Group to Solve the Challenges

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Internal startups and corporate intrapreneurs are facing difficulties to scale, just like usual startups struggle at transforming their first customers in large business. At the opposite of ‘start-up’ and ‘growth’ phases where metholologies blossom (as shown below), there is a … Continue reading


A manager’s guide to disruptive innovation by Philippe Silberzahn (2/2)

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Interview part 2 of Philippe Silberzahn, author of A Managers’Guide to Disruptive Innovation, capitalizing on the various books of Clayton Christensen, and suggesting management adaptations to prepare your company for disruption! Continue reading


A manager’s guide to disruptive innovation by Philippe Silberzahn (1/2)

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Philippe Silberzahn, a consultant, keynote speaker, and associate professor at EM Lyon Business School, works with large companies confronted to disruptions in their markets: it was natural that he summarizes the mechanisms of disruption,  in his book A Managers’Guide to … Continue reading


Defend, Extend, and Create: Innovation for Growth at Evonik

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Dr. Daniel Witthaut is Head of Corporate Innovation Strategy at Evonik Industries AG, a global leader in specialty chemicals. He completed a brilliant presentation at R&D Innovation Strategies & Process Excellence Summit last November in Berlin. He kindly accepted to … Continue reading


Design Sprint, 5 days for an innovation journey: is it speed or haste?

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Using the three basic premises of Design Thinking – Immersion, Ideation and Prototyping – and leveraging the creation of a multidisciplinary environment, Design Sprint is emerging as new way for accelerated innovation, where speed andinnovation go hand in hand. Continue reading


Tech for Good? Generation2 is at the forefront of it

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Jeanne Bretecher is a young entrepreneur, who co-founded with Steven Bertal the agency Generation2, a new kind of consulting agency who’s acting for partnerships for the greater good. As more and more we see innovators with a social purpose, I’ve  … Continue reading


Reinvent your business model with The DO School

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I met with The DO School in Berlin, a renowned development ground for young social entrepreneurs, involving corporates and startups, in a journey for disruption! Florian Hoffmann, charismatic founder and managing director kindly accepted to dig into The DO School value proposition. Continue reading