Son, listen to the start-up in your heart

Father_and_Son_BW boston.comDear Son,

Please take a moment in your daily rush to discover a melting pot of various reads and borrowed to my own expertience: 6 ‘mantras’ that came along the innovation track.

I enjoy meditate over them regularly: because I feel on the same page, they shine as a light house, sometimes a shelter where I can find calm and serenity, and the right lift when my battery goes flat.

I’m happy to share them with you: enjoy, take care of them, and most of all, mould your own.

  1. Find what you love to do: follow your heart, people will buy what you’re committed in;
  2. For things to become a reality, dream them first: imagine, innovate with meaning, fill your design with identity; even working in a terrible place, you can start-up a new place in your head;
  3. A strategy is required but in all likelihood, it’ll be wrong: prepare to seize unanticipated opportunities, and build on situation potentials;
  4. Connect the dots, unleash autonomy and activate collective intelligence: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts;
  5. Create time for what counts for you: list the ‘don’t’, the things that you clearly want to avoid in the future;
  6. Happiness is a mix of courage (take action where you can influence), humility (openess, ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’), and generosity (let give if you want to receive).

P.S Ingest video of Steve Jobs speech at Stanford

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