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A manager’s guide to disruptive innovation by Philippe Silberzahn (2/2)

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Interview part 2 of Philippe Silberzahn, author of A Managers’Guide to Disruptive Innovation, capitalizing on the various books of Clayton Christensen, and suggesting management adaptations to prepare your company for disruption! Continue reading


A manager’s guide to disruptive innovation by Philippe Silberzahn (1/2)

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Philippe Silberzahn, a consultant, keynote speaker, and associate professor at EM Lyon Business School, works with large companies confronted to disruptions in their markets: it was natural that he summarizes the mechanisms of disruption,  in his book A Managers’Guide to … Continue reading


Living Innovation at Merck Serono, by Ulrich Betz

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Dr. Ulrich Betz is Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Incubator’ at Merck Serono. Merck Serono initiated recently a great variety of open and participative innovation initiatives: Innospire Idea Competition, Innovation Boost 2015, Innovation Cup, Open Compound, Open Call for drug discovery, and Outcubation. Continue reading


Start-up, find your accelerator coach (2/2)

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Let’s continue our accelerators’ tour with Numa, corporate accelerators Startinpost and Orange Fab, African Mest and iHub, and draw some selection criteria out of it. Continue reading


Start-up, find your accelerator coach (1/2)

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Wether you are a start-up or a large corporation, finding your way in the realm of incubators and accelerators is not easy. Y Combinator, L’accélérateur, 50 Partners, let’s share some direct feedback with no waffle! Continue reading


The principles of creative strategy, by Michel Saloff-Coste

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Michel explains here the pillars of creative strategy: a culture based on interaction as synergy, a management that relies on fulfillment of the group or of individuals, a system rewarding the capacity to respond in a creative, autonomous and critical manner, and a structure vergeing on alterity and innovation. Continue reading


New forms of innovation, by Michel Saloff-Coste

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Michel Saloff-Coste is an international integral and global futurist. He describes here the new era of creation-communication, where meaning becomes central to innovation, as well as handling collaborative dynamics, and uniting external with internal. Continue reading