Living Innovation at Merck Serono, by Ulrich Betz

Dr. Ulrich Betz is Head of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Incubator’ at Merck Serono. Merck Serono initiated recently a great variety of open and participative innovation initiatives: Innospire Idea Competition, Innovation Boost 2015, Innovation Cup, Open Compound, Open Call for drug discovery, and Outcubation.

The principles of creative strategy, by Michel Saloff-Coste

Michel explains here the pillars of creative strategy: a culture based on interaction as synergy, a management that relies on fulfillment of the group or of individuals, a system rewarding the capacity to respond in a creative, autonomous and critical manner, and a structure vergeing on alterity and innovation.

New forms of innovation, by Michel Saloff-Coste

Michel Saloff-Coste is an international integral and global futurist. He describes here the new era of creation-communication, where meaning becomes central to innovation, as well as handling collaborative dynamics, and uniting external with internal.

Effectuation and disruptive innovation, an interview with Philippe Silberzahn

Philippe Silberzahn focuses on how organizations deals with situations of radical uncertainty from two angles: from an entrepreneurial angle, with the creation of new markets and new products, and from a managerial angle, with the management of disruptions, strategic surprises and wicked problems by large organizations.