Accenture Innovation center, creativity on starting-blocks

What is the Paris Accenture Innovation Center ? In a nutshell, a dizzying innovation team, acting in a tremendous place for creativity!
Albane Liger Belair, Accenture Paris Innovation Center Director, kindly walked me through this amazing space.

4 roads to innovation, by Gijs van Wulfen

Though all roads may lead to Rome, innovators know that only a few tracks lead to innovation success! Gijs van Wulfen lights up our way with 4 practical routes, depending on your starting point: idea, technology, customer issue, or business challenge.

From ideas crowdsourcing to solution specific search, Open Innovation platforms are soaring, by Jean-Louis Liévin

Open Innovation projects can be managed in different ways: using companies’ own means to involve the crowd (branded ideation web sites), by the involvement of consultants, or by using dedicated plateforms, such as marketplaces or specific search platforms.