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Digital is not a trend!

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Tiago Félix da Silva Lopes is a brilliant and enthousiast Digital Director at Portugal Telecom. Discover his experience, and the single digital unit he created. Learn how digital transformation unfolds as a continuous cycle of initiatives, rather than a project with an end. Continue reading


BIG, platforms of opportunities for breakthrough innovation at Pernod Ricard, with Alain Dufossé

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BIG is the unit targeted to breakthrough innovation initiated by Pernod-Ricard group. Rather than stepping into single opportunities, BIG develops ‘platforms of opportunities’, fostering a comprehensive dialogue with business units. Let’s follow our guide, Alain Dufossé, BIG’s Managing Director. Continue reading


Berlin’s soft power: leading by innovating (2/2)

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More and more people want to build a company in Berlin, and if it fails, well, it’s OK. Let’s discover two Berliner hot-spots which support innovation: Axel Springer Plug & Play and Ideas, and Berlin Partner Continue reading


Berlin’s soft power: leading by innovating (1/2)

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Everyone who visits Berlin can feel the cultural atmosphere and the creative spirit, which feed the German capital with an unrivaled soft power of innovation. Hub:raum, DT accelerator is definitely one of the places to visit for who's found of innovation. Continue reading


Start-up Chile: go start-ups, go! with Nicolas Shea

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Nicolas Shea, as founder of Start-up Chile, initiated a peculiar venture: welcoming startups in Chile, helping them to start their business using Chile as a platform to go global. Beyond mundane money appeal, Nicolas created a terrific game play for start-ups, valuating entrepreneurs’ social activities, resulting in building social equity. Continue reading


Netexplo’ digital start-ups 2014: a brilliant vintage!

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Everyday I feel gifted to live in Paris. But some days are exceptional, and the Netexplo event is one of them. I don’t know any event which compares to the worldwide digital symphony that Netexplo plays, collecting trends and gathering start-ups from every continent. Continue reading


“What makes Silicon Valley so special for digital innovation?” Insights by Georges Nahon, Orange San Francisco

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Georges Nahon is Corporate Vice President North America at Orange and CEO at Orange Labs San Francisco. He has developed a strong track record in innovation, managing 70 people at Orange Labs, involving various skills such as scientists, engineers, sociologists, … Continue reading