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The Why, What, and How of Rapid Innovation Centers

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One key goal for the recent innovation units settled by large companies is to accelerate the speed of innovation. But why do we need to fasten innovation? What principles should an innovation center embody? And how can it be implemented? Continue reading


Running the Innovation Pipeline

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How to transform a creative idea into a solid business? Ulrike Steinhorst -Strategy, Planning and Finance Director at EADS Technical Corporate division-, and Patrice Commin -New Business‚ Innovation Nursery Director-, are working on it! And it’s up and running at … Continue reading


“Creating an innovation entity” by Richard Hababou, Chief Innovation Officer at Société Générale

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Richard Hababou is Head of Innovation Group at Société Générale (Banking industry). He’s an acknowledged specialist in integrating new technologies in Banking Information System, shaping innovative services powered by IT. Following conversation on “elementary particles of innovation“, Richard tells us about … Continue reading