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Intrapreneurship on the rise

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What’s going on with intrapreneurship? Initiatives seem to multiply in France. We analyse a few causes, go through signs of movement like Les Hacktivateurs recent association, and show how Orange open innovation actions complements internal innovation. Finally, we demonstrate how the 4 principles supporting Rapid Innovation are a great framework to sustain intrapreneurship. Continue reading


The Why, What, and How of Rapid Innovation Centers

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One key goal for the recent innovation units settled by large companies is to accelerate the speed of innovation. But why do we need to fasten innovation? What principles should an innovation center embody? And how can it be implemented? Continue reading


Faster Innovation Mash-Up in London

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Mash UK was organizing a mash-up on Faster Innovation, where they’ve kindly invited me to share the ‘Rapid Innovation Platform‘ experience. Mash says: Our recent research with innovation, brand and insight professionals from across industries suggested that speed was the … Continue reading


Imagine with Orange: share your ideas, Orange is helping you to give them life

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Orange opens crowdsourcing platform to share creative ideas, letting you influence Orange innovation, or pursue an entrereneurial venture Continue reading


We, Renault Creative People… by Lomig Unger

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Lomig Unger is an expert in collaborative innovation framework, with a 15 years experience in innovation, and 11 in the car industry. Deeply involved in Renault Creative People initiative, he draws some lessons from this ideas-sparkling entity. Continue reading


‘Is Middle Management the main obstacle to innovation in large co?’ by Koen Boeykens

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When middle management is risk-averse, and stopping innovation from happening, is a parallel path, with a separate brand, the way forward? Koen Boeykens shares with us his innovation experience at KPN Continue reading


Enablers of the Digital World: African street-innovation (2/2)

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For international Telcos, the challenge is to embellish the network with services and APIs . To capture local patterns, going in the field and meeting with local mobile app makers and entrepreneurs, connecting trends to innovation Labs, and desiging bespoke enablers, testing, learning and iterating with developers community, are the ingredients of the right formula. Continue reading